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The world shipbuilding market is still at a low ebb. However, the Xiangyu shares and other enterprises, adjust the depth of the market, also means that there are more opportunities.

The formation of Nantong Xiangyu, is a perfect together, but also many advantages of superposition.

Nantong Xiangyu will to build a car ro ro ship based on the experience, gradually to expand passenger ships and cruise business areas; to build a chemical tanker based on the experience gradually to LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and LNG (liquefied natural gas) expand business areas; to accelerate the expansion of dual fuel powered ship and LNG the field of fuel powered ship.

In seeking the opportunity   Nantong Xiangyu sail

One spring afternoon, the sun was shining. When we entered the Nantong Xiangyu marine equipment limited liability company, this piece of waste in the Yangtze River for more than two years in a factory construction like a raging fire scene for the factory workers are to make final preparations.

Founded in October 2004, Nantong Ming Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was once one of the three most famous shipbuilding enterprises in Nantong. As a result of poor management, the company was declared bankrupt in December 2014.

At the end of last year, Xiamen Xiangyu Limited by Share Ltd, CNOOC Heavy Industry Group Co. Ltd. and Nantong Tongbao shipping limited liability company established a joint venture in Nantong Xiangyu marine equipment limited liability company, less than a month, the new company invested 576 million yuan to Mingde acquisition, the two years of silence of the shipbuilding industry Heights again back to life.

Shipbuilding is a global integration industry, closely related to the world economy and trade. After the 2008 financial crisis, the international shipping market showed a trend of weakness, and this situation will continue for some time. In such a situation, does the acquisition of Matilda mean a huge risk? In this regard, Xiangyu Limited by Share Ltd director, general manager, Nantong Xiangyu marine equipment limited liability company chairman Deng Qidong has his own views. He said that the world shipbuilding market is at a low ebb is an indisputable fact, however, in the long run, the depth adjustment of the market contains greater opportunities. He believes that as an industry, the continuous market downturn, has been in the industry Fuchou left out, the future will be strong with strong competition. As the global shipping industry "barometer", from the beginning of the second half of last year, the Baltic index shows that the shipping industry in the coldest period has passed, now in the U type bottom stage of consolidation, the market recovery point the day and await for it. "From the perspective of Xiangyu in time, we are not optimistic about the market in the US, this is also in line with business logic. The fan Tao Zhu once said, "to take me to the people, I pick up what others discard.," we are now doing is such a thing." Deng Qidong says.

Throughout the history of the world shipping industry in the past hundred years, any major adjustment of the market is the key node in the reconstruction of shipbuilding industry. At present, the global shipbuilding industry in Japan and South Korea, has formed "a situation of tripartite confrontation" of the competition. In the face of this crisis, China's shipbuilding industry has shown a stronger toughness, higher market affordability and greater potential for development. Data show that in the first three quarters of 2016, China, Japan, South Korea to undertake the share of international shipping orders were 70%, 12% and 15%. In general excess capacity at the same time, as part of ship ship, chemical tanker, and multipurpose ships and other ships due to enforce the new rules of the new standard, and with aging and aboard ship price downturn and other factors released to the market in great demand, the shipbuilding enterprise sub industry, form the advantages of plate to create conditions.

According to the State Ministry forecast, market demand is expected to ship in 13th Five-Year (2016 ~2020) during bottoming, 2018~2020 years is expected to rise to 80 million deadweight tons. With the current ship into dismantling the ship age, it is expected that in 2021~2025, the annual average demand for new shipbuilding market will rise to about 85 million tons of deadweight, 2026~2030 is expected to once again break through 100 million tons of deadweight.

Deng Qidong said, all this shows that Nantong Xiangyu launched at the right time. For Xiangyu in Nantong settled in the City Commission by letter of the relevant person in charge, for the whole industry to boost confidence, improve the Nantong shipbuilding industry is the current predicament. At the same time, it will play a positive role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the shipbuilding industry in Nantong, and re creating a world-class shipbuilding base.

Strong alliance, cooperation,   advantages superimposed, burst vitality

Xiangyu Group is a state-owned enterprise headquartered in Xiamen, in order to construct value ecosystem symbiotic win-win for the mission, investment involved in the field of supply chain management and distribution services, public service platform and industrial real estate development, real estate, financial services and investment, equity investment, emerging industry industry + internet. From the day of the birth of November 28, 1995, the courage to open up and highly market-oriented has become an important label, and they always find the best fit in the government goals and market rules. But at the height of the market at the same time, Xiangyu and unswervingly adhere to the "risk first, profit second, size third" business philosophy, to take the platform, promote win-win "unique innovation development mode of state-owned enterprises xiangyu.

As of the end of 2016, Xiangyu Group has more than 200 investment companies, operating income over 120 billion yuan, China years ranked top 500 enterprises.

Xiangyu shares Xiangyu Group's A shares of listed companies, has been in agriculture and forestry products, metal and mineral products, chemical products, electronic products, daily necessities and other products formed a strong supply chain service capabilities, service network around the world. In China, logistics 50 strong enterprises ranked fourth; 2016 revenue of 119 billion 67 million yuan, an increase of 99%.

The cooperation with China is a heavy industry Hongkong listed on the main board of enterprises (HK0651), the main business covers ship manufacturing, intelligent parking, automotive electronics, financial services and other fields; Tong Bao ship is a local shipyard in Nantong ship trade, shipbuilding, ship repair, steel structure processing as one of the medium. Has been engaged in the shipbuilding industry in the reign of ships, Zhonghai heavy industry have a good understanding of the shipbuilding industry, there is enough familiarity and professional degrees in this area. Moreover, the private enterprises in the fierce market competition in the formation of innovative ability and breakthrough ability is also their advantage.

Deng Qidong believes that such 3 companies come together to be truly powerful alliances, and through efforts, 1+1> can achieve the goal of 2.

Nantong has always been a set of domestic shipbuilding and ship repairing and marine integrated shipbuilding base, shipping enterprises in Nantong have created a number of China and the first in the world, which makes Nantong occupy a dominant position in the high-end market and international shipping market. At the same time, the Nantong municipal government to actively promote the transformation and upgrading of the shipbuilding industry, and provide strong policy support, which provides a good external environment for the future development of Nantong xiangyu.

Nantong Xiangyu terminal is located in the Nantong section of the Yangtze River on the north side of the Tongzhou District five Jie Zhen Hong Bei Sha downstream, in the core area of Nantong's shipbuilding concentration area, around the high degree of industrial agglomeration. The water depth of the terminal is about -7 meters. It can guarantee 3000~5000 tons full load of ships, and the natural condition of water level is superior. It can make 300 thousand tons of large ships.

Deng Qidong said: "the superposition of all advantage, will make Nantong Xiangyu burst out of the infinite vitality, Nantong Xiangyu future have a brilliant future."

In fact, since the beginning of February this year, since the Nantong Xiangyu stationed in the original Mingde, here already take on an altogether new aspect.

At the beginning of the garrison, the factory area was already a dilapidated place, and the reed in front of the pier even grew to the height of one person. More than two months, Nantong Xiangyu invested 140 million yuan, re planning and arrangement of workshop, inspection and repair of equipment, optimize and organize the production line. At the same time, the factory road and water, electricity, gas and other infrastructure facilities and perfect. At present, the resumption of work before the preparatory work has been basically completed in Nantong, once again created a "Xiangyu Xiangyu speed".

More than two years after the shutdown, to return to work, in addition to hardware investment, more important is to warm the heart again. Many employees are former Nantong Xiangyu Mingde retained personnel, after the bankruptcy, the company laid off, was divided in public opinion. But in the course of the interview, everyone we saw was enthusiastic and the long lost smile returned to their faces. A staff member said: "let us not only the arrival of Xiangyu returned to work, let us regain self-confidence and dignity, we will cherish this incomparable new opportunities."

Target segments

Three directions do fine although the global shipbuilding industry as a whole is still in the doldrums, however, China as currently the world's major shipbuilding countries, after several years of industry adjustment, is gradually stabilized; in chemical tanker segments, although China domestic chemical tanker capacity in new capacity of new national regulatory restrictions, but the global chemical tanker demand is on the rise.

Based on this analysis, combined with the comprehensive advantages of shipbuilding and Nantong Xiangyu infrastructure configuration, project investment in the industry status quo, Nantong Xiangyu will turn itself into the world's largest manufacturer of chemical ship.

In addition, the product positioning will be multi-purpose ship, 1000 car ~2000 large ro ro car inland and coastal line of small cars and 4000~8000 car ro ro ship 10 thousand tons ~4 tons of heavy lift vessel for ships.

According to the vice chairman of the Nantong Xiangyu marine equipment limited liability company Jianhua Zhu introduced, at present, although the enterprise is still in the preparation stage before the resumption of work, but has several ship orders in hand. Among them, a 38 thousand and 800 ton duplex stainless steel chemical ship will be the world's second largest ship of similar products. Technology and technological level of the ship is extremely high, it will be on the new Nantong Xiangyu test team.

Jianhua Zhu also told reporters that the current production capacity in Nantong Xiangyu, while the construction of 2 50 thousand ton ship, a year can undertake 17 ship construction tasks. He said that they will use 3 years or so to enable enterprises to reach full capacity production, then the annual output value of enterprises can reach 7 billion yuan.

Those who do not seek Jesus Christ, seek temporary shortage. In the planning goal at the same time, Nantong Xiangyu for enterprises also have long-term planning.

According to the change of market demand, widely used and environmental policies in the international and domestic shipping industry, the focus of Nantong Xiangyu business development and innovation in the future will be in three directions: to build a car ro ro ship based on the experience, and gradually to the field of luxury cruise passenger business development; to build experience for chemical tanker the foundation, gradually to LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and LNG (liquefied natural gas) expand business areas; to accelerate the expansion of dual fuel powered ship and ship LNG fuel and power field.

As a professional manager of state-owned enterprises, Deng Qidong's heart also hides another kind of feelings. He said that more than 8000 workers were employed at the peak during the peak period, as local employment stagnated in the past few years. "With the arrival of Xiangyu, we will gradually pull the entire local employment. As a responsible state-owned enterprises, our idea is to increase the enterprise, employees, government income tax increases, we will continue to uphold the law-abiding business, compliance management principles of operation, to contribute to the development of economy and society in Nantong." (source: Nantong daily)

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