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Ride the wind and waves sometimes! Nantong Xiangyu marine equipment limited liability company started opening


The morning of May 11th, Nantong international marine equipment limited liability company held a grand opening ceremony cum. The ceremony was presided over by the general manager of Nantong Xiangyu Xiangyu shares, chairman Deng Qidong.

The first ship, "XY001" No. 38800 tons of stainless steel chemical tanker, started in the same period. Jiangsu province by the deputy director and director of committee of national defense science and Industry Committee Qin Yan, Nantong Municipal Committee, Tongzhou party secretary Song Lewei, vice mayor of Nantong Xu Xinmin, Chen Yonghong Tongzhou District deputy secretary, mayor, Huarong shipping Agricultural Bank of China Financial Leasing Co general manager Fan Xuping, Xiangyu Group President Chen Fang, chairman of the board of directors of China Heavy Industries Nantong Xiangyu Li Ming, vice chairman Jianhua Zhu, to jointly promote the 38800 tons of stainless steel chemicalcargoship start bar!

Nantong is one of the cradles of modern industry. It is the first coastal open city in China, an important member of the 1+6 urban agglomeration in Shanghai metropolitan area, and a potential stock for Jiangsu's future development. Nantong municipal government is to build the 3+3+A system of modern industry, marine ship is one of the most important parts, has been successfully constructed shipbuilding, marine construction, supporting manufacturing and other three industrial clusters, the annual output value of more than 200 billion yuan.

Xiangyu Group Xiangyu shares and hope to play their own advantages, to promote the development of Nantong xiangyu. First, strengthen confidence, seize the opportunity, grasp the internal and external advantages of Nantong marine marine industry development, follow the market rules, enhance internal power and accelerate enterprise development. The two is based on innovation, difficulties, based on the needs of transformation and development, strengthening scientific research and development, the formation of independent intellectual property rights and well-known brands in key technologies and key products, the implementation of manufacturing from traditional manufacturing to enhance intelligence. The three is to tackle together create brilliant, hope Nantong Xiangyu shareholders can play their respective advantages, integrating internal and external resources, to support the development of Nantong Xiangyu company, actively improve the quality, strong brand, to achieve the safe development, green development, sustainable development.

The eighteen party clearly put forward the strategic maritime power construction, development planning The Belt and Road, especially with the future new route layout development, development of marine resources to further deep development and new ship new equipment demand will still emerge in an endless stream, marine equipment especially deep water equipment market will continue to be optimistic about.

Regional advantages of Nantong Xiangyu relying on Nantong "Binjiang sea, near Shanghai", rely on the good foundation of industry in Tongzhou has been formed and excellent development environment, I believe that the transformation of Nantong Xiangyu in the new round of industrial upgrading, aiming high, forming a stronger strength, must achieve higher aspirations of Industrial Development in Nantong, the creation of new competitive advantages for the national shipbuilding industry bottomed out, as soon as possible, with new wisdom and strength!

The shipbuilding industry after nearly ten years of adjustment since 2008, is with the international economic recovery and bottoms up, is expected to usher in a new development opportunity period. As one of the cradles of modern industry in China, Nantong has always been an important base for domestic shipbuilding, ship repairing and marine engineering. In recent years, Nantong municipal government focus on supply side reforms, actively promote the transformation and upgrading of the shipbuilding industry, issued a series of policies to support the Nantong shipbuilding industry to take off again to create a favorable external environment. Return to work during the establishment of the preparatory establishment in Nantong Xiangyu company, we are a good investment environment to feel Nantong, Tongzhou District, Binjiang District, five township governments were created, at all levels of government leading urgent business needs, repeatedly led the team to the site office, on-site coordination, timely solve problems for enterprises, only 3 months on completion of the preparatory work, so that people in Nantong create "Xiangyu Xiangyu speed".

The establishment of Nantong Xiangyu Marine Equipment Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive "heaven, earth and man" to make a move should be going. Xiangyu Group will do what we can to fully integrate their own resources, to play their own advantages, to provide services and support for the sustainable development of Nantong Xiangyu, Nantong Xiangyu build marine equipment manufacturing enterprise international first-class, Nantong shipbuilding industry off again and make due contributions!

Huarong Huarong financial leasing shipping Agricultural Bank of China Financial Leasing Co is a Limited by Share Ltd specializing in shipping financial leasing subsidiary, the participation of the international "38K stainless steel chemicalcargoship" supporting the financing lease special feel very honored and grateful.

We are also pleased to see that the preliminary planning and work of the "38K stainless steel chemical tanker" project is proceeding in an orderly manner. We are confident of the high quality construction and success of the project! At the same time, there is hope for more extensive cooperation between the next few parties!

Lloyd's register group is an international organization of independent risk management and safety certification. Mainly for the ship level, that is, in the design, construction and operation phase, for the establishment of quality and safety standards for ships.

Lloyd's to Nantong Xiangyu Mountain project, the owner of the thirty-eight thousand tons of duplex stainless steel chemical vessel provided in the service, so we feel very honored. I sincerely wish again Nantong Xiangyu Xiangyu Group and have a more brilliant tomorrow!

At the end of last year, Nantong Xiangyu in Xiamen Xiangyu shares, Nantong Tongbao ship heavy industry group and CNOOC combination came into being, today, Nantong Xiangyu stand in a new starting point of vigorous development to meet the new historical mission. A thing is not to be born or not to be made. A great project needs to be carried forward, and great works need to be fought together. Nantong Xiangyu is another big move to build Xiangyu shares supply chain integration service capabilities, will help the future of shareholder support and the geographical position of Nantong Xiangyu hardware richly endowed by nature, strength, professional management team to open a new era!

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