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Nantong Xiangyu Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd.was established in December, 2016 with a registered capital of 200 million RMB and was officially put into operation on May 11, 2017.The companynowhas about 800employees and 3000 labor workers. At present, the company is mainly engaged inbuilding environmental friendly and energy savingbulk carriers, oil tankers and container shipsthat arebelow 100000 tons, small and medium-sized stainless steel orspecial coatingchemical tankers and other engineering ships.

The company adheres to thevision of becoming a first-class and globally competitive comprehensive shipbuilding and offshore engineering domesticenterprise, and is based on themanagement philosophy of "pursuing customer satisfaction and creating maximum value for customers", making great strides towards the field of high-end shipbuilding andoffshore engineering.The companyhas asuperior geographical location andconvenient waterway transportation. Itis located on the north bank of the golden coastline of the Yangtze River, with a coastline of 1100 meters. It is close to the Shanghai Sutong Bridge, Sutong Bridge, and Shanghai Nantong High speed Railway.And it’s onlyabout 130 kilometers away from Shanghai.

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Shareholder Structure
Xiamen Xiangyu Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise under the jurisdiction of Xiamen City, established on November 28, 1995. It has over 500 investment enterprises, with a revenue of over 560 billion yuan and over 15000 employees in 2022. The company adheres to the mission of "benefiting the world and achieving mutual success", practicing industrial investment and professional management. Its business areas include commodity supply chain, urban development and operation, comprehensive financial services, port shipping, innovation incubation, etc., and is committed to becoming a comprehensive investment holding group with global competitiveness and supply chain as the core.
Nantong Wangzhe Ship Engineering Co., Ltd.
Nantong Yinzong Ship Engineering Co., Ltd.
Nantong Tongbao Ship Engineering Co., Ltd.
Group Honors
National May Day Labor Medal
AAA Credit Rating Enterprise Awarded by CCXI
United Rating AAA
China's Foreign Trade Credit AAA Enterprise