Philosophy of Talents

Talent is the primary resource and the most valuable asset for the development of the corporation; it is also the essential driving force for the growth of the enterprise, and the ultimate source of competitiveness. We persist in recognizing and empowering, and educating and building people, so as to create the main source of energy for the future development of the corporation.

XMXYG's human resources development strategy should be able to match its strategy. By combining internal and external measures, the corporation strengthens internal training and external recruitment and concentrates resources on building leading teams and professional teams that are full of ambition and drive and good at getting things done, as well as international talent teams that adapt to the future trends of globalization.

Managers of the companies and departments assume the ultimate responsibility for the human resources management of their respective organizations, while the human resources departments provide professional support and services for managers at all levels.

Philosophy of Human Resource
Regard talent as capital and regard employees who identify with the company's culture and continuously create value as valuable assets of the company
Adhere to the continuous appreciation of human capital
Adhere to prioritizing, willing to invest, and sustainable investment in human capital, and focus on matching input with output
Adhere to the combination of selecting talents and enhancing empowerment, prioritize positive incentives, and strive to stimulate employees' entrepreneurial spirit and passion. Achieve the development of the enterprise through the achievement of talents
Adhere to strict and caring employee management, combining ruthless management with emotional treatment
It is XMXYG's fundamental personnel appointment orientation to provide a smooth channel for the growth of value creators and to build a platform for the development of value creators,
thereby drawing more talented professionals to devote themselves to XMXYG's undertakings and to ensure an adequate supply of talent for the development of the corporation.

Adhere to the principle of morality, competence, performance and integrity;

Select cadres from actual operations; be competence-oriented and performance-based; treat education, seniority, qualifications and identity as secondary criteria; and be flexible in talent recruitment;

Provide more opportunities to people who assume responsibility and deliver significant results on the frontline, in special jobs, and on strategic projects.