Corporate Charter of XMXYG
Corporate Mission
Benefit the World, Achieve Success Together
Corporate Vision

XMXYG aims to become a globally-competitive comprehensive investment holding group focused on supply chains.

Core Values
Value Creation Oriented
Core Principles of Organizational Construction
Uphold Party Leadership
Corporate Spirit
Grassroots Spirit, Devotion To Undertakings
XMXYG’s “Five-Star Behavior”

Assume Responsibility and Take Action、Be Pragmatic and Efficient、Be Customer-Oriented、Be Open and Inclusive、Be Pleasant and Straightforward

XMXYG’s “Five Principles” of Operation

Risk First、Building a Firm Foundation in the Market、Win-Win Cooperation、Innovative Development、Two-Wheel Drive

Corporate Culture

Becoming a first-class and globally competitive comprehensive shipbuilding and offshore engineering domestic enterprise.

Company Motto

Safety first, Quality oriented, Cost leadership, Innovation-driven, Excellent service.

Behavioral values

In corporate governance, we must strictly follow "one core," adhere to "two dimensions," adhere to "three red lines," achieve "four unifications," and abide by "five adherents."